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by Homeboy Sandman

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Gunther Jacobi
Gunther Jacobi thumbnail
Gunther Jacobi Hour in tha shower with the waterproof speaker! Word!!! Favorite track: Far Out.
Charlie Moonbeam
Charlie Moonbeam thumbnail
Charlie Moonbeam Clever beyond measure, flow is effortless. Homeboy Sandman manages to remain fresh as hip-hop continues to change. A true disciple of the craft. This record kills. Favorite track: Pussy.
nihilz thumbnail
nihilz With this album, Boy Sands climbs into my top 10. A discography not many can compare to. Favorite track: Name.
Enri Zoltz
Enri Zoltz thumbnail
Enri Zoltz Essential Sand. Dusty delivers as promised and as expected. Tour de force feel-good music with introspection and outrospection. Philosophical journey around the cosmos with a safe landing back Home. Boy Sand treats the ears to a wonderful journey baked in beautifully by Mono En Stereo courtesy of this Mello Music spacecraft.
Magnus Johansson
Magnus Johansson thumbnail
Magnus Johansson Ain't nothing to think about, you need this album right now! Favorite track: Name.
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Morning Yawn 00:59
Far Out 03:05
Fuck yeah Homeboy Sand, long walk off a short pier From reading all the signs on all sides for a light year Seems like it's time for another bright idea More than too many y'all light in your nike airs Wonder if I'm better off living is siberia Been a long time grown tired of your nightmare All of this might and nobody to fight fair So now I'm low profile severing all ties I'm like fee foe fie fum at these small fries Caught wind how my mind's open as both eyes And that I'm all wins No losses and no ties They said you can't make fashion out of faux pas They said what goes up must end in a nosedive But now they whole staff 'bout touchy as Joe Pa's Cause it's all lies AND YOU CAN COP IT QUASARS YOU CAN STREAM IT ON STARS YOU CAN HEAR IT ON NEPTUNE YOU CAN FEEL IT ON MARS FAR OUT FAR OUT FAR OUT Hole in one on a par 4 I'm boy sand, i could break dance without cardboard While aboard a flight on the concord Then do it again for a encore People holla "hey you" at the outlaw But i be like atreyu riding on falcor Might switch into southpaw Without cause Cleanup on aisle four Passion of the pasteurized processed cheese foods I don't wanna be associated with these dudes Take a peek inside the dossier of a recluse Who ain't gonna pretend a serving size is a teaspoon Superpowers of the truth seeker Hour in the shower wit the waterproof speaker Things that make you go eureka Let go my urethra AND YOU CAN COP IT QUASARS YOU CAN STREAM IT ON STARS YOU CAN HEAR IT ON NEPTUNE YOU CAN FEEL IT ON MARS FAR OUT FAR OUT FAR OUT I'm from Queens The smell of boiled eggs reminds me of Halloween Not the Queens is more special than any other place Maybe it is In any case At any rate Heavy lie the crown Became a out of towner from so much time outta town, I hope you don't mind me dropping by unannounced My only interest is doing things that are not allowed Lookit, lady luck isn't just a friend Whole charade about not being crazy was just pretend Won't find my tail tween my legs, i nail it on one attempt Come from asunder to pick a number from 1 to 10 Without no worry, I'm in no hurry to pay the rent I take no part in the undercard I'm the main event On the voyage that's maiden I'll go where no one has made it, you wanna make a bet? Say it again! AND YOU CAN COP IT QUASARS YOU CAN STREAM IT ON STARS YOU CAN HEAR IT ON NEPTUNE YOU CAN FEEL IT ON MARS FAR OUT FAR OUT FAR OUT
Name 02:55
My name was this My name was that Now that my name been nixed My aim is wisdom No more parlor tricks I’m too hard to track Nonetheless I exist Outside the system I’m too blessed to stress Too strong to wrong I am too cool to fool Too calm to con I am too fresh to fetch Too healed to heel I am too free to flee too real to kneel Now that the time and place To corrupt time and space Has become commonplace I’m on the case This is all just a game There ain’t no need for shame There ain’t no need for change No need for pain Thanks to my guiding grace I’m alongside the greats I am inside the gates Ain’t no more sour grapes Where’s I before’s askew, now I’m straight Where I before was screwed Not I’m chaste CANT SOLVE ME I DON'T EVEN CARE TRY AND CALL ME I DON'T EVEN HEAR I AIN'T EVEN HERE Gather round boys and girls Lemme tell you a tale Of a new kind of brain That does not have a name But will always prevail Give in and give it up Don’t mind overriding your serotonin inhibitors Leave on the lights All the stars are aligned At this time I would like To thank god i’m alive On the day I was born Everything was foretold When the first thing I saw Was my own broken mold When it gets late at night Sometimes I lie awake Sometimes I’ll take a hike Sometimes I hibernate All that I have is now I do not have a past I do not walk a path I do not have a plan I remain free to choose That which I want to be That which I want to do That might be news to you But it’s not news to me So let’s cut the crap Go ahead zip your lip While I go bridge the gap CANT SOLVE ME I DON'T EVEN CARE TRY AND CALL ME I DON'T EVEN HEAR CANT SOLVE ME I DON'T EVEN CARE TRY AND CALL ME I DON'T EVEN HEAR I AIN'T EVEN HERE Had to turn off the screen Put down the phone Which was good for my health When I’m all by myself I am still not alone When I go overseas I remain overseen When I go down the road It is all kings and queens When I keep company I don’t go after things I let things come to me Till they land in my hand Because it’s rude to grab That is the way I got Everything that I have None of which I will keep ‘Cause I like letting go Much like the autumn leaves Much like the fallen snow Or the clouds overhead Must continue to move Or the day and the night And the sun and the moon I don’t ask how or why But observe what and when I am not one of you I am not one of them I am a one of one That’s for sho' Being me 101s All I know I DON'T EVEN CARE I DON'T EVEN HEAR I AIN'T EVEN HERE
Noteworthy 02:32
Sometimes at night i lie awake A preponderance of pondering the rules i gotta break And what lies atop the laundry list of risks i gotta take I admit i think it's noteworthy I'm patient with the people that i love I'm careful wit the word's i use to tell em when they bug When dirt gets mixed with water Sometimes water's thick as blood It's thick as mud I think that's noteworthy I'm sorry when i slip I'm way too used to shooting from the hip I's tryin to be slower on the draw but more and more seems like a loss to draw at all I think that's noteworthy I stay away from periods now Is it that i'm growing up? Or that i'm slowing down? I haven't put it down more than an hour in quite a while I think that's noteworthy Propose a toast Let's hear it for the spirits and the ghosts Rejoices for the voices in my gut and in my dome are why i never drink alone I think that's noteworthy Just as with any plant that grows roots All my adventures from the center of a closed loop Sometimes a point becomes more poignant as it grows moot Noteworthy When i say family i mean friend Advertisements say "save" when they mean spend Why do people say "you" when they mean them? Noteworthy At first we flirted now the world's mine Saddening tho, nothing is as maddening as mankind But then that doesn't really matter since my girl's fine I find that noteworthy Apples and oranges are both sweet And both round, When reference is made to comparing fruit ignoring simple truth's communication's broke down That is noteworthy I plan to never plan And work at being clever when i cram to understand 'Cause every situation that i think's not worth a damn is well in hand I think that's noteworthy
Easy 03:08
My breakfast is lunch and supper I don't remind you of nothing sucka No discussion I'm fuckin stubborn Hard to stomach but you love it Pull a couple from out the cupboard Who know what i'm about to commit Believe me i've got it covered Muthafuckas have got it coming All a sudden Pop up somewhere down below the summit Hop out the car wit the motor running IT'S NOT DIFFICULT Remember to check the peephole Remember to check for people I been wit made people, connected people Professional grade people, respected people I be done changed people, affected people I be done saved people, protected people I done arranged people, directed people Filleted people, dissected people I be done tamed people, aggressive people Insane people, demented people All type of deranged people and kept em peaceful IT'S NOT IT'S NOT DIFFICULT Keep the pot stirred Worries is not word Lotta feelings just got hurt Fuck it they gotta learn I don't never be not alert Show you how to lurk Reconfigure the pot worth Do my figures, clockwork I don't ask for permission first Doubters, dishing dirt Make me doubt that they vision work IT'S NOT DIFFICULT
Yes Iyah 04:25
Johnny on the spot Wit the downhill powerwalk tomahawk chop Wit the moxy and chops to pull up on your spot Or your proxy's Pop And put it to a stop Constant Every toc we take it from the top It's that 1 2 3 o'clock 4 o'clock rock Get your app open Plot the course you gotta trot When the mad potent drop of course you gotta cop Been a hot minute since i pulled up on the scene Mad events was not foreseen Next thing that i knew i was laying on a beach Next thing that i knew i was balanced on a beam Last thing that i knew i was rhyming on a beat Now everything's back to how it oughta be No problem to clutch a mountain by the peak Now that i can touch the bottom of the sea Stuck in my prime, full time heavyweight Three or four hotties chillin poolside anyway Me and mono done sold game to gave game away Found the hypotenuse Barbecues labor day Stones Throw done gone off the deep end Wit enemies like that well who needs friends? Christians told me to repent But i ain't too pressed No reason to pretend My bad pastor and deacon Signed, boy sand, grandmaster of weekends Widespread hassle and nuisance Not enough time spent following blueprints Not enough time spent tying up loose ends Every joe schmoe wanna put in they two scents And every jane schmane wanna throw in they two more Nonsense, they was my scent but i threw em off I do it all This and that, such and such, way too much to recall 31 flavors come visit and do the waltz Nosey ass neighbors stay listening through the wall Not your regular booty call Ain't no thing to dig in the booty if duty calls I be beating the booty like it was the booty fault Pull out spray on the beauty a beautiful waterfall That's TMI i just realized, me and mine Fast track, SESAC, ASCAP, BMI Just wasn't in the cards until the stars realigned All the way, on our way's gone away, we arrived The reason why is it's about time People think of planets like there's just about nine 20, 30 more you can expect to find expect to find life Talking just about mine Seated head of class the first and last of my kind Then i hit the s'mac up for a nosh of alpine Don't knock it till you try it You may ask me what about the government lying I would answer to you that's your problem not mine I'd be not lying Listen i got mine so i do not mind Before i got mine i had to stop trying Before i got mine i had to stop crying Blink of an eye look what has transpired Find me and my camp around the camp fire Sat hatching a plan to build a empire Ain't one yesman Yes iyah YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH Johnny on the sphere If anybody asks i was never here In the lunchroom sitting alone my whole career Wear my pants so you cannot see my underwear Clad in scuba gear When i bounce i never bring back a souvenir When it come to kick and the snare I'm never scared You could tell by smile i wear from ear to ear Kinda weird, now and then 12 months of the year i'll grow a beard Wish you good luck finding the rules to which i adhere Take my last buck, give it to a bum to buy a beer Shed a tear for my once luscious glorious full head of hair It did not help getting it back to say a prayer But thank god that it didn't stop my being a player Is that clear I try to always keep a pad wit a Pam Grier I'm known to always keep a flask of the panacea I'm known for dropping in and crashing on Pangea Down and dirtier than Bill Lambeer Pull up looking like the president of Zambia Must have caught a pine needle in my pineal Bust off on your couch and now your couch from Ikea That don't make sense but rest in peace in Phife Type to throw a bee hive in a street fight Just the type to bee-line into deep night With a policy to decline to any e-vite Only deep flies Never three strikes Never deep fried Only green lights World tour all of outdoors Every drop of hot sauce Nothing outsourced Cry out for a encore from the hardcore Introduce your in-laws to the outlaw Greatest look since dinosaurs and the protozoa Greatest hooks since southpaw rocky balboa Before i lived in Brooklyn i was livin in the Lowa Chicks that look like Selma Hayek dancing wit a boa Always interrupt and run up on me outta nowhere Take em to Chipotle and get extra barbacoa Just 'cause i'm the object of they passion and desire Doesn't mean i'm splurging on they fashionable attire Honey got reliant, started calling me a liar Had to tell her no ma'am Yes iyah YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES IYAH YES YES YES YES IYAH
Step Inside 02:24
I give a shout to all the legendary rappers that are broke ‘Cause living happily ever after didn’t happen ‘Cause this planet run the gamut of shenanigans Various hilarious significance of ignorance and arrogance Admit I taken part in it I know that god’ll pardon it ‘Cause I was even charming as a charlatan I was fire even as a liar Had my moments at my most bogus At my most vulgar As a stone cold stoner still solar Those are days I seldom ever speak about The fact they may not yet have ended doesn’t have me freaking out Though pee be sometimes leaking out From when I had that STD and didn’t have no medical to rescue me It also holds the precum ‘fore I nut which helps wit coitus interruptus Saying all clouds have a silver lining is very presumptuous But saying all of mine do is a proven fact Keeps my sense of humor in tact Helps me find amusement in how humans act I take it slow when life be moving fast I beat the shit out of my moviepass Pull up a chair instead of walking through my lair because it’s boobie trapped I stay aware and say a prayer wit every loogie spat Acquitted via trail separation Pursuant to my ruined reputation I used to write a chorus in accordance with the rules and regulations Now I’m Banner out the gamma radiation Waving banners for Oranges at the apple store Going back and forth 'tween moving back and forward if there are any more Or maybe I’m the only Which doesn’t make me lonely It makes me wise in helping me realize nobody owe me Sometimes I get so sick and tired of being a phony Ashamed that I’m not sponsored by saucony And all these new perspectives disconnected from my homies and my cronies and my buddies Sound like a bunch of dummies Could it be that cuffing season’s an actual natural phenomenon? Sighted at the Brooklyn Heights promenade Sensei M. Day Shayamalan
I love the baby no if’s ands or maybes She don’t love me ‘cause I drive in a drop top Mercedes Any time I feel like taking a break, ain’t nothing to her Each and every time she step in the place, I wanna do her When I go outta my way, she’s always worth it Ain’t a single thing about her I’d change She’s simply perfect Any time I go without her i last for just a while Ain’t no limit to the things that I’d do, to make her smile Don’t sweat us ‘bout PDA, that’s just the way we act See my babygirl is a genuine nymphomaniac And prettier than girls that I grew up watching on mtv And hungry for my nut and won’t finish until she empty me Ain’t no arguments or debating Later to the haters my baby is just the greatest The greatest at making playlists Or taking it in the anus And never be actin heinous Or going on no hiatus nope She’s the baddest girl ever Baby feet are the prettiest feet Tastiest treat I GOT YOUR PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL I love my cutie and oh my the bootie Way more juicier than juicy fruit, making porno movies is what we mostly be doing for exercise and enjoyment Since neither of us don’t have no sort of regular employment She the coolest and never cause me stress When I’m rocking she’s the loudest member of the audience She’ll be my baby until i am a cadaver The first time that I saw her I knew that I had to have her She loves me even tho I’m bald Us two are the truest love that you ever saw Ain’t no fronting or facades Together there ain’t a problem we couldn’t solve And so I always keep her close In the throws of passion I co be catching the holy ghost I be out crusading but can’t be waiting for getting home I be farting she don’t be departing even tho it’s gross She the best babygirl She the best in the borough She the best in the world I GOT YOUR PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL We sleep naked we sleep close We have nothing in common wit none of these folks Always fighting and always trying to cut each other down And dissing, in fact I miss her whenever she’s not around Which isn’t much She make me breakfast and dinner she make me lunch Sometimes she be a klutz But it don’t make no difference ‘cause I’m addicted to her touch My baby be the softest sweetest I can’t wait to squeeze it and eat it believe it All she gets is special treatment I make records but she’s my greatest achievement She got a zillion different pet names She stimulate both my right and left brain She see inside me like a X-ray Way more magic than I could ever explain Baby You drive me crazy You saved me I GOT YOUR PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL PICTURE HANGING ON THE WALL
Pussy 01:59
Pussy I love it more than rapping or eating I love it more than napping or reading I love it more than new kicks I’d be happier in bare feet wit a few chicks I love pussy more than my immediate family When pussy is my plan A Pussy in my plan B Pussy is the mission In any non pussy situation pussy is what’s missin But always pussy wit permission Very rigid on that provision It’s just a given You ever be in yoga chicks be doing half pigeon? Sometimes I see they pussy wit my pussy ray vision I would never pay for pussy But if I could get paid in pussy I would I fly to pussy on virgin, and delta I prefer pussy to food , water, and shelter That’s a really easy pick If posed with that scenario I’d make it super quick And I would never second guess Pussy is the fuckin best I break night for pussy I confess obviously I prioritize pussy over rest And over paying student debts Yes Pussy is nice Socrates said it best, pussy is life Or was it Aristotle? I’m not sure but I’m still down for playing spin the bottle I go for pussy full throttle I hop into the pussy head first wit no goggles This is not bravado Pussy is what keeps me warm when I’m in Colorado Pussy is what fuels me when I’m riding my Shimano Pussy is what feeds me when I’m out of avocado Adrian pussy is the reason how come rocky beat Apollo And Drago!!
this just came to me coolest calmest the artist that you claim to be ain't a statement or a phrase that y'all can say to me not in the faintest, all you fakers sound the same to me a line's the shortest distance between A & B big up the misfits and the mystics that's the way to be all existence where i spray the seed quite a distance now that's something folks'll pay to see keep my math shaped like a t make it last or make me laugh and make like a tree nothing in between so if you sucking teeth take a sec to reconsider what you thinkin 'fore you sinkin like a submarine someplace i will not agree to keep you company no losers in my lucid dream keep it movin not the first to think the tube was more amusing than the human beings thank god for pbs helena rubenstein the difference between you and me could fill the sun and earth, moon and sea when I'm deceased ride into the sky in ill bucket seats every comfort, not a ducket squeezed nothing cheap stuck in fifth, lucky stiff, something sleek front seat, yummy treat, chubby cheeks nah mean you know how it be don't have me come and getcha have to hit you with the high beams oh mys, gollys hawaiian lays and papaya trees me and science are like siamese i take a sec to change the frying grease next one's a supersize and if i decide to look you in the eye then you can die in peace in denim I'm the deadly venom with the iron feet wired from the wine and cheese i sit considering alliance wit the liars and cheats without your love than what could i achieve when it wanders that reminder puts my mind at ease that's how i sleep and eat that's how i live and breathe
Why you bring it up if it wasn't that great? Why you wanna hate? If she ain't game when you say hey why you wanna go on that date? Why you eat that if you wanna lose weight? Why you sit there if you got the whole train? Why you wear those if you know it's gonna rain? Why you want mine when you got your own plate? Why you got rice knew you wanted lo mein? Why you cop that when you know it's low grade? Why you go pay when you knew it wasn't okay? Why you make plans when you know you gonna flake? Why you say gold when you know it's gold plate? Why you facebooking all your flames? Why you take tums 'stead of takin rolaids? Why they ain't give Puerto Rico no aid Yet this weekend is the Puerto Rican Day parade? Hey AS HOURS GO BY I LOOK TO THE SKY I'M WONDERING WHY Why there ain't no more rap groups? Why i don't know the real ways just back routes? Why do little kids got tattoos? Why do vegans act like meat taste like jackfruit? Why do everybody got bad news? Why do everybody wanna be bad dudes? Why you on line for a pair of shoes? Why is it so hard to find plain raw cashews? Why are people so fickle? Why do chicks get so strong when they being tickled? Why do sandwiches have pickles? Why do men have nipples? Why do planes make me fart? Why would i complain when i'm alive making art? Why could lois never tell superman's clark? Why did zack and slater never try to bang lark? Tell me! AS HOURS GO BY I LOOK TO THE SKY I'M WONDERING WHY AS HOURS GO BY I LOOK TO THE SKY I'M WONDERING WHY Why my mind so dirty? Why i'm up late if i gotta wake early? If nobody asked why you giving advice? Why are folks embarrassed that they neighborhood nice? If Thanos care about people so much why he ain't just snap his fingers and make twice as much stuff? Why you keep looking when you know you can't touch? Why you keep hooking up you know you have bumps? Why you rep celebrities instead of friends? Why they even make non peanut m&ms? Why do children always say wanna make a bet? Children don't have any bread Why do people make the bed? They just gonna mess it up later Why don't anybody ever vote for ralph nader? If Apollo landed why there wasn't no crater? If Apollo landed why that shit seem so made up? AS HOURS GO BY I LOOK TO THE SKY I'M WONDERING WHY
Boy Sand on the muthafuckin lookout Beat was so ill that I had to take the hook out Anytime I lost, recount there was a miscount Anytime I floss, you could bet I got a discount Two out every two sleeves I could pull the tricks out Me I nail the routine also nail the dismount Drop it in the tip jar I be taking tips out Homies I don’t give a fuck Ladies take your tits out When I’m on the hill there isn’t any pitch count I don’t give a fuck 'bout anything you bitch bout Never in the big house, often in a chick blouse Often get a chick mouth looking like a fish mouth Afterwards I dick down Other words I digged out I could write a list down Fantasies I lived out After it done fizzled out Some of them done flipped out Shit I get a kick out Shit that get em kicked out Not the type of cat to beat a hoochie in the head I don’t barely move except for coochie or for bread On it like quicker picker upper on a mess Back up in this muthafucka like I never left Bet please on deceased you could fuck with these They love me long longer than 2003s tees Blacker than colored kids knees Rock it then I’m out like every item on a golden crust menu but the cheese Want all I can eat markie dee I run em out the yard sharkie eek What a guy gotta do to move his commas two to the east And Sporting yabba doos on the beach I’m balling Sydney d You holla foul and reach like a snitch Get that shit out my house son a bitch You can’t be top spitter when you leech suck You in town and they don’t want you around buck Sound burn ya real world to the ground puck I be making pounds while I’m lounging it’s nuttin You either begging pardons or you cuttin You either on the list or you discussing Who’s listed Rhyming since bodegas slanging mystics Rhyming since the sega was a flex Everybody coming at me talking bout they got the new prescription all you bout hear from me is next next yall know who it is, grammy award winner in the foreign, with a foreign, listening to foreigner touring a new city nightly, rightfully i'm very paid one feature had me ineligible for medicaid don't work with bums for crumbs, i'm past that Everyday you say today's your last day doing verses, tryna gas cats (loser) only jacking the traction cant believe you bmi the way yo ass cap They used to play me like I’m Arab or Latin Now white people wanna claim me like fast rap and they tried to say droog was over still getting dollas like alla pugacheva (who?) model hoes in my palatial estate 24 hour chef on call we just ate live good, give a damn bout what you got It won’t ever compare to what droog, you fucking stugotz It’s like a mansion to them little one bedroom spots I’m above u like the dots on umlauts If you fucked up then go see my doctor, you know my doctor, dr vinny boombatz
Tres Bon 00:29
Always 01:33
I found a place that you can’t touch I found a high where I don’t come down Carved my name wit a pocket knife Stroll my lane Comb my mane when it’s dark at night I and I’s in the cosmos Most Beautiful I’s that I ever did see That remains when my mark erased Like a moth to a flame for the market rate Wade in the tide Times, not, willing to wait But I just don’t care Good afternoon After yous I deal in the absolutes Exact as a science One synapse at a time’s how I spend my whole life It’s a spirit thing It’s in here It keeps me from hearing things There’s not any match There aren’t any maps So I go my own way Always


Homeboy Sandman – Dusty

Picasso claimed that the purpose of art is to wash the “dust of daily life off our souls.” Homeboy Sandman asks on Dusty, “Why would I complain when I’m alive making art?” In the course of his Mello Music debut, the Queens virtuoso answers himself with 15 soul-assessing confessionals that sweep the entropy and daily static, the distortion and psychic silt of modern life onto wax. This is sacred dust, alchemical practice to convert anxiety into the highest form of creativity. It is rapping ass-rapping rapped better than your favorite rapper.

Let Sandman tell it: the sound is dusty. These bars are his id. He’s not trying to save the world on this record or even save himself. These are the unmasked impulses and desires locked away for a long time -- some of them from before he ditched the legal world for decapitating mediocre MCs. On Dusty, he says “ I unlocked myself and let them out -- dusted them off -- for better or for worse.”

Of course, it’s infinitely for the better. This is a therapy session without coming off remotely indulgent. Sandman remains both the master carpenter and architect, writing verses with lapidary precision, inventing new flows and cadences at brilliant angles that no one knew could be found.

This is the latest chapter for one of the most storied underground rappers of his generation. A versatile talent who has checked every last box: Unsigned Hype in The Source, Chairman’s Choice in the XXL. Rolling Stone hailed his songs as dense and word-drunk, spilling past the margins, demanding repeat listens as he re-works rap forms and functions into something truly personal.” Pitchfork said that in the all-star game of the new subterranean, “he is the guy with flawless fundamentals, wearing his socks high and his cleats sharp and polished.” His solo catalogue is sterling and over the last two years he’s mastered the group dynamic in tandem with fellow legends Aesop Rock and later, a brilliant psychedelic slab done in union with Edan.

It’s all on display on Dusty. Pick almost any track and you’ll hear the synthesized fusion of four elements hip-hop and Jamaican toasting, Nuyorican flavor and an experimental dead bent to expand the parameters of language. When you listen to Sandman, you hear the echoing boom of the South Bronx park jams of Kool Herc, the avant-garde wild style of Rammellzee, the technical perfection of Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, the infectious jazz hymnals of A Tribe Called Quest.

Produced entirely by Mono En Stereo (formerly known as El RTNC -- the moniker used when he produced Sandman’s Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent), the beats rumble and snap, the basslines are rubber-thick and funky, the drums rugged as a butcher knife haircut. Sandman boasts the kinetic gift to tailor his flow to each, his voice an instrument in his own right -- able to switch between conversational and wrathful, debauched lothario and philosophically righteous. There’s “Far Out,” where he kicks off the album wondering if he’s better off living in Siberia, then references breakdancing on cardboard, the Never Ending Story, and how the smell of boiled eggs reminds him of the Queens Halloweens of his childhood. “Noteworthy” finds him suffering from insomnia trying to figure out which rules to break and risks to take. He proposes toasts for the spirits and ghosts and flips old MC Lyte lyrics into modern koans. “Yes Iyah” finds Boy Sand boasting about clutching mountains by the peak over a tribal polyrhythmic breakbeat, kicking a pyroclastic flow that would even make Black Thought offer a bow in tribute. There are raunchy sex raps and existential midnight of the soul wanderings alike.

It amounts to a clarion statement of purpose, the arena stepped into and all challengers vanquished. Rap containing multitudes and cosmic dust. Exact as a science, loose as an improvised spiritual.


released October 18, 2019

Produced by Mono En Stereo

Additional Percussion/Production by Andrew Esposito
Recorded & Mixed by Andrew Esposito & Ryan Bress at Sung Moon Recordings, Buffalo, NY
Mastered by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello at Ampliphonic Studios, Queens, NY

Cover Art by Sarah Mattmiller
Concept Execution by Lisa Wollter
Layout by Austin Hart
Photo by Johnny Navarro

Special Thanks to Perry Hill
Executive Produced by Michael Tolle
2019 Mello Music Group


all rights reserved



Homeboy Sandman New York, New York

Homeboy Sandman’s favorite song is “Knocks Me off My Feet” by Stevie Wonder. His second favorite song is “I Know You, I Live You” by Chaka Khan. His favorite Michael Jackson song is “Lady in My Life”. He prefers Low End Theory to Midnight Marauders, but adores both. ... more


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